If you have a question or complaint with regard to how an incident was handled by a member of the South Milwaukee Police Department,  the first person you should speak to is the shift supervisor (of the officer/employee who handled the incident.)  The reason for this is that the supervisor is the person who will have the most direct knowledge of the incident/call for service and will be the best person to handle your questions/concerns.   Most complaints/questions are able to be handled to the satisfaction of everyone involved by a conversation in this manner.  

If, after speaking with the shift supervisor, you are still not satisfied with the outcome then you may file a written Citizen’s Complaint Report.  Forms for written complaints can be obtained at the police department and are available by mail upon request. 

The Department encourages citizens to bring forward legitimate grievances regarding misconduct by employees.  It will respect the citizen’s right to make these complaints with anonymity, and will supply these people with a Citizen Complaint Report upon request.  The Department also recognizes that deliberately false accusations are occasionally made against the agency or its employees.  Nevertheless, all accusations must be investigated to protect the integrity of the agency and its employees and to instill public confidence in the agency.  In some cases, the extent of the investigation may be limited to substantiating the falsity of the accusation.