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The next City Wide Block Watch meeting will be on Thursday, June 1, 2017 at 6:30p.m. – 8:00p.m..  The meeting will be help in the South Milwaukee Common Council Chambers and the main topic of discussion has yet to be decided.  We are open for ideas on this! 

This is a friendly reminder that the SMPD Lobby is a good and safe location to set up your internet purchase exchanges.  Our lobby is under video surveillance 24/7.  You also have Officers at the location where your exchanges would be done.  As a department we have always encouraged citizens to do these type exchanges in our lobby.  We are happy to announce that we now have signs that state “Internet Purchase Exchange Location” “This area is under video surveillance” (see attached photo).  These signs were compliments of the Wisconsin Crime Prevention Practitioners Association (WCPPA), of which Officer Mike Hill and I are members of.  Please consider doing you internet purchase or sale exchanges in the SMPD lobby.  As always your safety is our #1 priority! 

ID Theft 101:

Do not give ANY personal information to ANY person if you are not sure who they are.

If you did not initiate the call, do not provide personal information. If a person wants to “verify” account information, call the business back at the phone number listed in the phone book or on the internet. Get the caller’s name and extension.

Only carry your Social Security card when you know you will need it. If you were to lose your wallet or purse with your social security number and state ID is inside, that would be all a criminal needs to steal your ID.

Do not place out-going bills in your home mailbox for pick-up. Many checks have all the information needed to gain access to your accounts. Only use the Post Office or the blue street side mailboxes.

Home Security 101:

Never leave your home unlocked.  A burglary only takes a few minutes to complete.

Trim back bushes and trees from windows and doors.  Overgrowth provides an area of cover for burglars to do their work.

Use exterior lighting during the evening hours.  Constant lighting is more effective than motion detectors.  The newer, compact fluorescents can be run all night for pennies a day.

Use deadbolts with a 1” throw at a minimum and reinforced strike plates with 3” screws.

If you report a crime or incident there are a few things that we need from you:

Description of the suspect(s): clothing, race, sex, age, height, weight and last direction of travel. If you know the suspects name, tell the Dispatcher.

Description of vehicle: color, make and model, license plate, last direction of travel.

Detailed description of the incident including injuries, weapons, number of involved.

Your name and number: many times Officers will need to ask follow-up questions or have you make a statement in order to make an arrest or complete a report.

If you have a question or comment about crime prevention e-mail me at  I will answer you as soon as I can. Officer Mike Hill-1st Shift Patrol