The South Milwaukee Police and Fire Commission is constituted in the manner prescribed by state law and with such powers and duties as are prescribed by state law (City of South Milwaukee Ordinance 4.01.) Specific functions of the Police and Fire Commission include establishing recruitment and testing standards for positions in the Police and Fire Department, approving hiring decisions of the Chief, hearing appeals by members of either department who have been disciplined by the Chief, investigating and monitoring citizens complaints, disciplining employees for misconduct, and approval of promotions within the Police and Fire Department.

The five Commissioners are appointed by the Mayor and must be approved by the Common Council.

South Milwaukee Police & Fire Commission

Dr. Darrell Francis, DDS

Mrs. Elizabeth Blackwood

Mr. Rick Borowski

Ms. Heather Page

Ms. Kate Bernovich

Alderman Ramon Navarro, Council Rep.

Official Proceedings of theBoard of Police and Fire Commissioners click here