Citizens Academy
The South Milwaukee Police Department is seeking to promote understanding and improved relationships between the department and the community. To this end we are seeking citizen participation in a Citizen’s Academy. This academy is designed to to train those who intend to become police officers, but rather to provide information to those who attend that will help enhance their understanding of how the Police Department performs its duties and responsibilities. More Information – Application

Dare Golf Outing-OUR 16th ANNUAL!
The 16th Annual SMPD DARE Golf Outing is on Monday, July 24, 2017, with a shotgun start at 8:00 am. The event takes place at Oakwood Golf Course in Franklin. The cost is $80 per golfer, which gets you 18 holes of golf, a cart, lunch, all you can drink beer, soda, and water, a chance to win $10,000 for a hole in one, and chances to win very nice raffle prizes. The money raised from this golf outing supports the DARE Program at South Milwaukee Police Dept. For more information or to register contact Officer JJ McLean or Officer David Kozlowski from 7:30am-4:00pm at 414-768-8060. Click here for a printable flyer.
 Click here for website.

Internet Purchase Exchange Location
This is a friendly reminder that the SMPD Lobby is a good and safe location to set up your internet purchase exchanges.  Our lobby is under video surveillance 24/7.  You also have Officers at the location where your exchanges would be done.  As a department we have always encouraged citizens to do these type exchanges in our lobby.  We are happy to announce that we now have signs that state “Internet Purchase Exchange Location” “This area is under video surveillance” (see attached photo).  These signs were compliments of the Wisconsin Crime Prevention Practitioners Association (WCPPA), of which Officer Mike Hill and I are members of.  Please consider doing you internet purchase or sale exchanges in the SMPD lobby.  As always your safety is our #1 priority!

FREE Physical Security Evaluations
Protect yourself before it is too late. Let us help to keep your home or business safe.  Call 414-768-8060 for more information.

Medicine Collection Program
Need to turn in old and unwanted medicine? Just bring in the allowed medicines to the Police Station and deposit them in the black medicine collection box in the lobby. Click Here for more details. Click Here for information on sharps collection.

South Milwaukee Police School Liaison Program
The South Milwaukee Police School Liaison Program was established in 1984. The program began with one officer who was assigned to work at the public schools of South Milwaukee. Since that time, another Police School Liaison position has been added.

The goal of the Police School Liaison Officer is to bridge the gap between the Police Department, the schools, and their students. By bridging this gap, the lines of communication are opened more fully. This allows for quicker and more effective problem solving, as well as enhancing the school experience for the students.  In addition to these duties, the officers teach D.A.R.E. in all of the 5th grade classes in South Milwaukee.

The Police Department and the School District of South Milwaukee have formed a strong partnership through the Police School Liaison Program.  The positions receive financial support from the School District of South Milwaukee. The Police School Liaison Officer are available to make classroom presentations on a variety of law enforcement related topics.

If you need to contact a Police School Liaison Officer, they can be reached at the following numbers.
High School 766-5877   |  Middle School 766-5819  |  Police Department 768-8060

Project Child Safe Gun Lock ProgramClick Here
The South Milwaukee Police Department provides free gun locks for any citizen.

Drug Abuse Resistance Education Program
Since 1989 the South Milwaukee Police Department has provided the Drug Abuse Resistance Education program to all public and parochial 5th grade students in the City of South Milwaukee.  The program continues to receive positive feedback from the students, parents, and school officials.

Basics of Safe Bicycling Program
Annually during the months of May and June, officers from the Department present the state approved Bicycle Safety Curriculum to nearly 400 third grade students from the South Milwaukee public and parochial schools.  “Basics of Safe Bicycling” is a program in which students receive several short lessons on bicycle safety during their gym classes.  The South Milwaukee Police Department officers then visit each school with our custom trailer and 30 BMX style bicycles and spend half a day with each class.  During this time the students actually ride the bicycles through several exercises designed to reinforce the basic lessons taught in the classroom.

The program emphasizes basic bicycle safety techniques as well as helmet usage.  The students enjoy a day of bicycle riding, and the teachers use this special event to integrate bicycle safety into their daily curriculum.  Students write essays on what they have learned as well as participate in other activities to reinforce the safety theme.

Quick 50 Program
The South Milwaukee Police Department participates in the Quick 50 program.  Quick 50 is a community-based program that offers a cash reward for confidential tips about the possession of alcohol, illegal drugs, or weapons on school property.  It is a secondary product of the Crime Stopper’s tip line, but offers a structured $50.00 cash reward that is provided within a short time period, often within 24 hours of receiving the tip.