Hospital and COVID Voting Information

I am in the hospital, have COVID-19, or am quarantined due to direct COVID-19 exposure and want to vote absentee: 

Hospitalized voters, voters who have COVID-19 or who are in quarantine due to direct COVID-19 exposure should follow these steps to request their absentee ballot. These voters may appoint an agent to retrieve and deliver their absentee ballot if they are hospitalized or quarantined in the 7 days before Election Day. 

1. The voter can use to complete their absentee ballot request form or they can print and complete the form here. In box 7 of the form, the voter has certified that they are hospitalized.  

2. The voter then appoints an agent to request/deliver the ballot on the voter’s behalf. The voter may appoint anyone as their agent. The agent will need to provide their information on the absentee ballot application. The agent’s information should appear in box 7 of the form. 

3. If the voter is not registered, the elector must complete a voter registration application. The voter registration application can be found here. The agent may deliver the registration along with the absentee ballot request. The voter will also need to provide a proof of residence document with their registration. A proof of residence document proves where the voter lives in Wisconsin.  

4. The agent for the hospitalized voter delivers a completed absentee ballot application (and possibly the voter registration form) to the Election Commission office for the hospitalized or quarantined voter.  The agent can deliver the form beginning on Tuesday, October 27th 

5. The agent must also show a copy of the voter’s photo ID, or the voter’s original photo ID, to the City Clerk's office when making the absentee ballot request. More information on what photo ID’s can be used for voting can be found at  An agent must provide his or her proof of identification before the municipal clerk may issue an absentee ballot to the agent.  

6. The City Clerk's office issues an absentee ballot, absentee certificate envelope and uniform instructions in an absentee carrier envelope to the agent for the hospitalized or quarantined voter. 

7. The agent transports the absentee ballot to the hospitalized or quarantined voter. The voter votes the ballot in the presence of a witness. The voter places the voted ballot in the absentee certificate envelope, seals and signs the envelope. The witness also needs to sign the absentee certificate envelope. The agent may serve as their witness.

8. The agent must deliver, mail or use a drop box to return the absentee ballot to the Election Commission. Whether the agent personally delivers the ballot, uses a drop box or mails the ballot, it must be received by the Election Commission by 7:30 p.m. on Election Day so that the ballot may be delivered to Central Count to be counted.