Community Night Out

The South Milwaukee Police Department hosts Community Night Out in mid-August.  Community Night Out is our annual event to celebrate the partnership between the police department and the community we serve.  The South Milwaukee Fire Department, FBI, US Coast Guard and the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Department are just a few of the many organizations that take part in our event.  The evening includes local business information booths, demonstrations, games, raffles, food, prizes, and a great fireworks show to close the night.  Please come and join us!

There are many ways to be part of the South Milwaukee PD’s Community Night Out in 2019.  You can:

     1. Volunteer at the event

     2. Donate to the event

     3. Request a booth If you have a local business relating to health, safety, or education

     4. Simply come and enjoy the event with your family

If you would like to take part in Community Night Out, please contact Lt. Dan Fournier.

Phone: 414-768-8060