Crime Prevention Unit

The Crime Prevention Unit (CPU) was created to ensure that we are responsive to the diverse needs of our community.  The CPU members have specialized training in: Residential Security, Business Security, Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED), Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events (CRASE) and Neighborhood Watch.  Our CPU officers conduct physical security surveys on homes, apartments and businesses, and fill out comprehensive reports for your reference.  To schedule a Physical Security Survey on your property, email Lt. Dan Fournier at

The CPU also holds Community Block Watch Meetings several times each year.  During those meetings, officers and/or special guest speakers provide information on predetermined topics relating to safety, security, or other crime prevention issues.  Look for the next Community Block Watch Meeting on our calendar of events.  Suggestions on topics are welcomed.  Email Lt. Dan Fournier at with any topic suggestions you may have.

CPU Officers work on all 3 shifts and are available to assist in forming neighborhood watch groups, attend meetings, give presentations, or just listen to concerns you may have in your neighborhood.  The CPU offers a wide variety of services and community programs.  For more information contact any member of the SMPD CPU.

Unit Coordinator: Lt. Dan Fournier

Day Shift Officer:  Officer Mike Hill

Early Shift Officer: Officer Joe Benson

Late Shift Officer: Officer James Rodman

Investigator: Jon Rivamonte

SMPD Telecommunicator:  Jennifer Guzman