Environmental Health & Safety

The Environmental Health Department responds to environmental, safety, or health incidents to provide support, education, and resources. Services are offered for natural and built environments such as homes and businesses based on need.


For information about food safety in licensed establishments and in the home, as well as up-to-date recall information for food products, visit the Food Safety website.

Bed Bugs 

The Health Department will investigate complaints regarding bed bugs. Download a bed bug complaint form (PDF). View more information on identifying and treating bed bug infestations. Bed bug infestations cross all socio-economic boundaries, with infestations found in world class hotels and lower income housing.


The Health Department will provide education and resources on how to address mold concerns. View information on mold as well as procedures for mold clean up (PDF).

  • Per the Wisconsin Department of Health Service
  • The solution to controlling mold is moisture control
  • If residents cannot find the moisture source, it is recommended to have a professional home inspection. Because most moisture issues are a result of a structural or plumbing problem, the health department will not investigate mold complaints
  • Testing for mold is not recommended. Regulatory or health-based standards for human exposure to mold do not exist.

Dangerous Dogs/Vicious Dogs 

Any person who wants to petition the City of South Milwaukee because they believe that a dangerous dog or vicious dog is residing in the city and therefore is in violation of local ordinance 23.20 may do so by completing, in full, the dangerous/vicious dog sworn statement (PDF).

Flood Disasters 

For general information on flood readiness, clean-up, hazards, etc., view the Natural Disasters and Severe Weather page. For tips for food establishments opening after a flood,  view Restaurants and Grocers Reopening After Hurricanes and Flooding page.