Trees & Brush


Tree branches, brush, shrubs and bushes may be scheduled as a Special Pick Up as long as they can be chipped. No root balls, dirt or stone can be on the brush. Tree branches may be any length and up to 6 inches in diameter. Brush should be stacked as neat as possible within 3 feet of the curb or alley with the cut end facing with traffic or towards the street. Logs that cannot be chipped should be cut into lengths that can be handled by one person. 

Logs will be picked up a day or two after the brush has been chipped. Logs and stumps that cannot be chipped or handled by one person can be disposed of for a fee as a Loader Pick Up.  An estimate will be dropped off to inform you that there will be a charge to dispose of them.  

Christmas Trees

Christmas trees can be placed at the curb or in your normal garbage collection area for disposal. The Street Department collects them until early February. The trees are chipped and disposed of as mulch. Wreaths should be treated as garbage and can be placed out for regular garbage collection.

Tree Trimming

The City has ownership of curb lawn trees and will trim as necessary. However, it is the property owner’s responsibility to trim private property trees, bushes, and any vegetation that encroaches onto the public right-of-way for vehicles and traffic. Private property tree branches or limbs that overhang the sidewalk must be trimmed to provide a height clearance of not less than eight feet. Branches or tree limbs that overhang a street or alley must be trimmed to provide a height clearance of 14 feet.

Branches, bushes, weeds and/or flowers that extend into the alley right-of-way must be cut back. The alley right-of-way extends one foot back beyond the alley pavement. Similarly, all vegetation must be cut back to allow full passage of any sidewalk. Should the City issue orders in writing to a property owner to correct a compliance issue, the property owner will have ten days to correct the situation. Failure to comply will result in the work being performed by the City with the cost assessed to the property pursuant to the Municipal Code.