Ravine Lift Station Improvement Project

About the Ravine Lift StationCurrent Ravine Lift Station

The Ravine Lift Station is on the south side of the Parkway (Hawthorne Ave.), between the waterfall and the beach.  The Lift Station was originally constructed in the 1930s on the original Wastewater Treatment Facility's site.  

What does the Ravine Lift Station do? 

The Ravine Lift Station collects from:

  • North of the Parkway
  • North/East of the Oak Creek
  • East of the railroad tracks and north to College Ave.
  • A small area a few blocks up the hill from the South Milwaukee Water Utility

The lift station has a force main that discharges into a man-hole on 3rd Ave. and Marshall Ave., which then flows by gravity to the current Wastewater Treatment Facility on 5th Ave

What Improvements are part of the new Ravine Lift Station project? 

The project will include:

  • A new lift station building and equipment.
  • Replace a gravity sewer along the side of the ravine from Lakeshore Blvd. and Montana Ave. to the lift station. 
  • A new siphon sewer line from Hawthorne Ave. to the lift station.
  • Two new force mains from the lift station to 3rd Ave. and Marshall Ave.

Timeline for the Project

The anticipated timeline for the completion of the project is September of 2022.

Phases include:

  • Tree and Brush clearing on city-owned property.
  • Directional drilling of the new sewer lines.
  • Construction of the new lift station building.

Impacted Areas

  • Montana Ave. (west of Lakeshore Blvd.)
  • 3rd Ave. and Marshall Ave
  • Hawthorne Ave., along the golf course