Substance Use Resources

Free Narcan available flyer

Free resources available at the South Milwaukee/St. Francis Health Department: 

(Available on a walk-in basis, no questions asked)

Narcan (as shown above)

Narcan is a nasal spray that can stop or reverse an opioid overdose. Whether you know someone who is affected by opioid addiction or not, carrying Narcan can save lives.  

Fentanyl test strips

Fentanyl test strips are small pieces of paper that can detect the presence of fentanyl in drugs and prevent unintentional fentanyl exposure, overdose, and death.

Orange folder full of local resources

Come in and grab an orange folder that contains all kinds of information, education, support, and further resources for individuals, families, and friends affected by substance misuse. 

Smoking Cessation

Do you smoke? If you are recognizing the health effects of smoking or the effects of second-hand smoke on household members, perhaps it is time to consider quitting. Maybe you have tried before, and now is a good time to try again. People often make several attempts before they finally quit for good.