Electrical Permit

Any property owner may personally install electrical wiring in a single family residence or accessory building which he has legally owned and occupied for a period of at least thirty days. No person, firm, or corporation, with the exception above, shall engage in the business of performing electrical work for others in the City of South Milwaukee unless such person, firm, or corporation has a valid Master Electrician’s License and a valid State of Wisconsin electrical contractor’s license. Permits shall be required for all electrical work, except that no permit shall be required for:

  • Minor repair work, such as: repairing switches, replacing fuses, repairing receptacles or drop cords
  • Repair work required for proper maintenance of an existing installation
  • Alterations or extension to an existing installation, not exceeding five outlets nor one thousand watts, provided that the alteration or extension is performed by a licensed individual
  • The electrical work in the assembly or fabrication of manufactured goods, or on electrical testing equipment used in such assembly or fabrication, provided the manufacturer employs a competent electrician
  • Emergency work, but such work shall be reported to the Electrical Inspector immediately after it is started
  • Electrical work on portable or plug-in type electrical equipment or system that is not part of a permanent wiring system, and provided that any such work on a circuit exceeding one thousand watts is preformed by a licensed individual