Strategic Plan

2019 to 2022 Strategic Plan Header

Have a Plan, Work the Plan

  • Have a plan: Bring the stakeholders together to determine your vision for the future, and what it will take to achieve that vision.
  • Work the plan: Bring to life the goals and objectives that make up your plan, delivering on the collective vision for a more promising future.

We are doing it with our 2035 Comprehensive and Downtown Plan, and we will do it with the Oak Creek Watershed restoration plan. Now, we are proud to say we’re employing this strategy in city government with out first strategic plan in decades. We have emerged from this process with a shared vision for city government, and will use the plan as a foundation for our employees, upon which they will build their own goals and objectives, making it part of a performance culture at the city.

Additional Information

For questions concerning the strategic plan, please email Assistant City Administrator Patrick Brever.

2019 to 2022 Strategic Plan