Monitor Your Property for Leaks

If you have a newer automated water meter, you can use it as a tool to help identify if your property has any leaks very easily. There is a small round dial on the face of the meter which spins when water use is detected. You may need to open the cover of the meter to view the dial. When you know no one is using any water, if the dial is moving, that indicates a leak. You may need to mark where the dial is pointing and see if there was any movement after 30 minutes to know if there is a small leak. Even a slow drip can add up! You can also monitor the advancement of the numbers on the meter to see if it is registering water use when no water is being used.

Also, with the newer meters, we are able to view your meter readings almost daily and can visually see if any leaks seem to be developing. You can call us any time to see how much usage has occurred since your last bill. This way you can be aware of a potential issue before receiving your next 4-month bill.

If you have an older water meter which is still required to be read manually, call us today at 414-768-8070 to make an appointment to have your meter replaced. There is no cost for this, and it can be completed in about 20 minutes.

Issues with toilets are the most common type of leak homeowners find. You may not always hear something when a toilet is wasting water. To check your toilet for a leak, ask for the free dye tablets available from the South Milwaukee Treasurer’s office. Drop a tablet in the tank of the toilet and do not flush for at least 30 minutes. If the blue dye appears in the bowl of the toilet, there is a leak. Silent toilet leaks can be due to the flapper in the bottom of the tank not sealing adequately or the water level inside the tank being set too high. Especially after installing a new toilet, checking it with a dye tablet will ensure that it is set up properly to avoid water waste.